Reminder: Due by June 1

Officers/Councilors send following materials to Editor for CCTE Studies

Area Chairs:
1. Send the Editor a list of all the awards and the award-winners’ names and paper titles.
2. Send the Editor copies of all award-wining papers and complete contact information for the writers.

1. Send the Editor copies of all papers from President’s Forum and complete contact information for the writers.
2. Send the Editor the President’s Message.

TCEA President:
Send the Editor a copy of award-winning paper and complete contact information for the writer.

A note to all officers:
1. All authors need to revise their papers for publication, but the finished paper should be the same basic paper that was read at the Conference, but with internal citations and a Works Cited page included. In other words, revised papers should not exceed 10-or-so pages.
2. Put only one space after periods when punctuating sentences.
3. Add a Works Cited page and internal citations.
4. A footnote or endnote section is fine, if the author wants to incorporate one.
5. Literature papers should conform to the latest MLA Style Guide.
6. If your discipline uses the APA Style Guide, please use the latest version.
7. Double-space the entire paper.
8. Use 1-inch margins on each side of page.

Executive Secretary/Treasurer:
Send the Editor a copy of the following information:
1. Call For Papers (CFP) for next year’s meeting
2. Lists of Current Officers and Councilors
3. Conference Program (Remove names of people who didn’t show); check with the Local Arrangements Chair
4. Spring Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
5. Spring General Business Meeting Minutes
6. Spring Financial Report
7. List of Lifetime and Honorary Members
8. List of Institutional Members

CCTE 2016 Donors

CCTE would like to make the following acknowledgements for generous contributions to CCTE and this year’s conference.

University of Texas at San Antonio
Daniel J. Gelo, Dean of College of Liberal and Fine Arts
Deborah D. Thomas, Assistant to the Dean, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
Mark Bayer, Chair, Department of English
Letitia Castro, Administrative Associate, Department of English
Beta Omega chapter, Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society:
Eva Duran, Sheldon Baker, Dominique Avila, Dianyzel Mares, Gabriela Lemos
Calvin Hoovestol, Department of English

W.W. Norton, Doug Day

Pearson, Julie Morel

Macmillan Learning, Jill Burk

Wings Press, Bryce Milligan

Northeast Lakeview College, Jason Malcolm, English Department

Our Lady of the Lake University, Leah Larson, English Department

San Antonio College, Mike Burton, English Department

Trinity University, Claudia Stokes, Department of English

University of the Incarnate Word, Emily Clark, English Department

CCTE 2016 Award Winners

Trophy ClipartCCTE / TCEA 2016 Conference Paper Awards

The British Literature Award
Presented to
Yolanda Gonzalez, from McLennan Community College,
For her “The Unifying Power of Images in Book VI of William Wordsworth’s Prelude.”

The American Literature Award

Presented to
Charles Popp, Lamar University,
For his “Le Guin, Hegel, and a New Paradigm for ‘Those Who Walk Away From
Omelas’ “

The World Literature Award
Presented to
Kalyn Prince, Abilene Christian University
For her “Lancelot: A Man After David’s Own Heart”

The Robert Adger Law Award for Best Shakespeare Paper
Presented to
Kayla Sanderson, Abilene Christian University
For her “The ‘Invisible Tribunal’: Foucauldian Madness in King Lear

The L.D. Hendricks Award for Best Literature Paper by a Graduate Student
Presented to
Parker Gordon, Abilene Christian University
For his “Mythopoeiophony: The Creation Song as Fantasy World Building”

The Rhetoric Area Pedagogy Award
Presented to
Brandon Barnes, Trinity Valley Community College
For his “Bartlebys Among Us: Reflections on Pedagogy and the Will to Write”

The Randall Popken (Rhetoric) Award
Presented to
Tanja Stampfl, University of the Incarnate Word;
Susan Hall, University of the Incarnate Word;
and Letitia Harding, University of the Incarnate Word
For their “Transforming Thinking: The Power of Conversations about Writing”

The Creative Writing Award for Poetry
Presented to
Randall Compton, LeTourneau University
For his “Unsought Estates: Ten Poems”

The George Nixon Award for Best Prose
Presented to
Stan Coppinger, LeTourneau University

Texas College English Association Award
Presented to
Greg Giddings, Midwestern State University
For his “Masculinities and Role Models in McMurtry’s Horseman, Pass By

Frances Hernández Scholar-Teacher Award
Presented to
Jeffrey DeLotto, Texas Wesleyan University
For all his amazing work as a professor, as a writer, and for CCTE

2016 Conference Pictures

Literature Panels

Kayla Kori groupLiterature panel on Shakespeare and Dickens: (pictured from left to right): Kayla Sanderson, ACU; Melissa Mark Wilson, Tarleton State University; Anna Schaap, Tarleton State University; Kori Cowart, ACU

Tracee's panelLiterature panel on Post-Colonial Studies: (pictured from left to right): Jasa Rossau, Dallas Baptist University; Tracee Roe, ACU; Brianne Dayley, Texas Tech University; Penelope Ingram, University of Texas at Arlington

Daniel Archer's panel

Literature panel on Applications of Critical Theories: (pictured from left to right): Daniel Archer, ACU; Rachel Allison, Tarleton State University; Charles Popp, Lamar University; Yolanda Gonzales, McClennan Community College

Biblical texts panel

Literature panel on Biblical Themes: (pictured from left to right): Mark Patterson, ACU; Kalyn Price, ACU; Parker Gordon, ACU; Brent Gibson, University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

Laura Patterson's panel

Literature panel on Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings: (pictured from left to right): Deborah Kuhlmann, Wayland Baptist University; Cindy Marlow McClenagan, Wayland Baptist University; Laura Patterson, ACU; Maria O’Connell, Wayland Baptist University

President’s Forum Speakers: David Martin Davies and Yvette Benavides

David Martin Davies Yvette

Frances Hernández Teacher-Scholar Award Winner: 
Jeffrey DeLotto of Texas Wesleyan University

J DeLotto and M Quazi CCTE 2016

Jeffrey DeLotto and Moumin Quazi CCTE 2016

Shakespeare Award Winner: Kayla Sanderson with Moumin Quazi

Kayla Sanderson and M Quazi CCTE 2016