2011 Award Winners

Frances Hernandez Teacher-Scholar Award
Dr. Nancy Shankle (Abilene Christian University)

American Literature Award
Linda Carroll (Texas Wesleyan University) for “A Journey to ‘The River’ for Truth: One Writer’s Christian View of the Child”

British Literature Award
Steven Michael (Wayland Baptist University) for “‘Intimately Known to Us’: Disguise and the End of the Newgate Novel”

World Literature Award
Kezia Ruiz (Texas Woman’s University) for “Women’s Suicide in Fairy Tales”

Pedagogy in Literature Award
Mina L.S. Thompson (Tarrant County College-Northeast Campus) for “‘Re-Viewing ‘Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Beyond Feminism”

Randy Popken Memorial Award
Kathleen Mollick, Tarleton State University, “‘Our Costly Labor’: Randall Popken’s Contribution to the Nature of Labor in Composition Studies”

Pedagogy in Rhetoric Paper
Jana Anderson and Ronna Privett (Lubbock Christian University) for “What Do The Chronicles of Narnia and a Magician Have in Common? A First-Year Writing Carnival Experience”

Creative Writing Award for Poetry
Tia Black (University of Texas-Arlington) for a selection of her poems

George Nixon Award for Prose
Cheryl Clements (Blinn College) for “The Complexity of Vision”

William E. Tanner Award
Brent Dill (Abilene Christian University) for “Ghostbook: A New Rhetoric of Grief”

TCEA Award Winner
Emma Hawkins (Lamar University) for “Rick Riordan: Classical Gods in America”

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