Prize and Award Winners

Prizes are given at the CCTE Luncheon and the TCEA Breakfast for the best presentations at the spring conference. Winning papers are honored with publication in CCTE Studies as well as modest cash prizes. The Frances Hernández Teacher-Scholar Award, however, is a career achievement award. The recipient from a pool of nominees each year. See instructions for nominations.

Frances Hernández Teacher-Scholar Award $1000
Robert Adger Law Award (best paper on Shakespeare) $100
American Literature Award $100
British Literature Award $100
World Literature Award $100
Randy Popken Memorial Award (rhetoric, composition, technical writing) $100
Creative Writing Award for Poetry $100
George Nixon Award for Creative Prose $100
Pedagogy in Literature $100
Pedagogy in Rhetoric $100
W. E. Tanner Award (best rhetorical paper by graduate student) $100

2011 Award Recipients

Frances Hernandez Teacher-Scholar Award Dr. Nancy Shankle (Abilene Christian University)
Robert Adger Law Award No award
American Literature Award Linda Carroll (Texas Wesleyan University) for “A Journey to ‘The River’ for Truth: One Writer’s Christian View of the Child”
British Literature Award Steven Michael (Wayland Baptist University) for “‘Intimately Known to Us’: Disguise and the End of the Newgate Novel”
World Literature Award Kezia Ruiz (Texas Woman’s University) for “Women’s Suicide in Fairy Tales”
Pedagogy in Literature Award Mina L.S. Thompson (Tarrant County College-Northeast Campus) for “‘Re-Viewing ‘Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Beyond Feminism”
Randy Popken Memorial Award Kathleen Mollick, Tarleton State University, “‘Our Costly Labor’: Randall Popken’s Contribution to the Nature of Labor in Composition Studies”
Pedagogy in Rhetoric Paper Jana Anderson and Ronna Privett (Lubbock Christian University) for “What Do The Chronicles of Narnia and a Magician Have in Common? A First-Year Writing Carnival Experience” ”
Creative Writing Award for Poetry Tia Black (University of Texas-Arlington) for a selection of her poems
George Nixon Award for Prose Cheryl Clements (Blinn College) for “The Complexity of Vision”
William E. Tanner Award Brent Dill (Abilene Christian University) for “Ghostbook: A New Rhetoric of Grief”
TCEA Award Winner Emma Hawkins (Lamar University) for “Rick Riordan: Classical Gods in America”

2010 Award Recipients

Frances Hernandez Teacher-Scholar Award Dr. Deborah McCollister of Dallas Baptist University
Robert Adger Law Award No award
American Literature Award Jennifer Ravey (Lamar University) for “Hearing and Listening: Lloyd’s Failure in Carver’s ‘Cathedral’”
British Literature Award Karen Priest (Lamar State College-Orange) for “Reversing Roles: Gender Politics and Mythopoesis in Graham Greene’s Travels With My Aunt
World Literature Award Tia Black (University of Texas at Arlington) for “Writing Cultures into Visibility: Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern poets in light of Tagore’s Creative Unity.”
Pedagogy in Literature Award Lorrie Wolfard (Tarrant County College) for “Unearthing the Comedy in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Lively Language of Comedy and Suggestions for Teaching It”
Randy Popken Memorial Award Pamela Saur (Lamar University) for “Purity versus Corruption and Other Linguistic Battles”
Pedagogy in Rhetoric Paper Rebecca Dowden (Houston Baptist University) for “The Hybrid Approach: Discipline- Focused Composition Courses”
Creative Writing Award for Poetry Sally Hannay (Schreiner University) for a collection she calls “In the Great Big Middle”
George Nixon Award for Fiction Steven Sherwood (Texas Christian University) for “Physical Education”
William E. Tanner Award Ben Sword (Texas Woman’s University) for “’Remember Your Audience.’ ‘ What Audience?’ : How General Studies Programs Affect Composition Studies’ Interaction with Concepts of Academic Inquiry and Discourse Community”
TCEA Award Winner Cliff Hudder (Lone Star College-Montgomery) for “‘Most barbarously large and final’: Placing Texas in Billy Lee Brammer’s The Gay Place

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