CCTE and Blogging

1. CCTE Blogroll: Help yourself to our list below. Send suggestions for listing to the web manager. Our criteria for blogroll items are usefulness to college English teachers, writers, and researchers; great use of the medium; and sense of hospitality.

2. Blogging CCTE conferences: We’re glad to have publicity for our presenters and the organization. When possible, we will designate a table or desk where you can blog or type notes in comfort during the presentation. Bloggers are expected to follow the tips at Conference Blogging Tips and to honor the collegiality has always marked CCTE meetings. If a presenter is uneasy about being blogged, please yield.

As president Russell Berman wrote before the last MLA conference, MLA is “expanding the opportunities for new media, and I expect there will be plenty of blogging and tweeting. As the modalities of scholarly communication change and develop, so will the forms of our professional structures, allowing for more and more diverse participation.” On the other hand, plagiarism does happen. Fair Use of a publicly delivered paper is important, but so is a presenter’s protection of intellectual property. MLA itself forbids audiorecording and videorecording (except in a limited way) at its own conferences.

One thought on “CCTE and Blogging

  1. If you do blog the conference, I have found that people are more understanding of notes if the blog post covers less than the complete presentation (only hit the high points perhaps). Usually when mine are limited, everyone is happy.

    When they are fairly complete–because I type quickly–many people have requested that I take them down. That means either they are unhappy, because I don’t, or I am unhappy because I now have no blog post on that topic.

    Learn from my mistakes! If you want to keep your complete notes, no one can gainsay you. But if you publish your complete notes, the blog post may cause friction.

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