Conference Presenters’ Information

Once your proposal is accepted, please take care of three items by February 1 before the conference.

1. DUES: To keep your place on the program, you must have your dues paid for the current year ($25 for full-time faculty; $15 for others) by February 1. Download a membership form from the CCTE web site if you need one. Send it with your check to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, whose address is on the form.  Online payment can be made through this site if you include dues with your conference fees.

2. REGISTRATION: To keep your place on the program, be registered for the conference by February 1. Registration forms may be downloaded here or filled out at the check-in desk at the conference. Everyone who registers by February 10 gets a $10 Early Bird discount. You may pay by check or online through this site.

3. RELEASE FORM WITH COMPLETED PAPER: If you want your work considered for prizes and publication in CCTE Studies, send your Area Chair the full version with the official release form by February 1 (download). Work submitted later (e.g., not submitted till it’s read at the conference) will not be considered for prizes or Studies but will be listed in the program.

You may submit the paper and release form to your Area Chair in three ways: as conventional mail, as documents attached to email, or by fax. On the release form, typing your name is acceptable as an electronic signature. CCTE Studies publishes all the award-winning presentations and considers accepting others that met the February 1 deadline. The journal publishes only material presented at the conference. If your work is accepted for Studies, you will have till June 1 for any revising and polishing.

During February, the program will be made final, and you will be notified when and where your session will be held. Please bear these points in mind:

1. Presentations must be delivered at the conference in person, by the author of the paper or creative work. Presentation by proxy will not be allowed. If a paper has co-authors and one is unable to attend, the other may present the paper. That will keep it eligible for consideration by CCTE Studies.

2. Each paper presentation or creative presentation is limited to 15-18 minutes as specified in the Call for Papers. That limits each manuscript to 7-10 double-spaced pages. To be fair to all presenters, presiders will enforce time limits. Please heed these instructions! It always detracts from a panel if a presenter has to read unnaturally fast or be told to end abruptly. We appreciate your cooperation.

Questions? For information on the conference or schedule, write the organizers. For information about registration, write the executive secretary-treasurer.

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