CFP for College English Association conference

The officers and Board of Directors of the College English Association invite you to join us for the 44th Annual Conference of the College English Association at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott Hotel in Savannah, Georgia
(100 General McIntosh Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401;
Phone: 912-233-7722), April 4-6, 2013.

The primary conference theme for 2013 is “Nature”: In earlier centuries, “Nature” set the parameters, as Philip Round states, “of conversations about everything from church doctrine to village order.” Often discussions of gender, character, authorship, and even civil discourse turned to questions of “customary precedent and natural law.” By the twentieth century “nature” was used to delineate the new literary study of “nature writing,” while also used in broader terms to question the changing nature of our society with the onset of digital age, postmodernism, new views of gender and race construction, and even changes within academia. What is the “nature” of the academia today? How has the “nature” of publishing and authorship changed with the digital age? How has the “nature” of our profession changed?  In what ways does “nature” define us? Or do we define “nature?” In addition, we welcome presentations by experienced academics and graduate students on all areas of literature, languages, film, composition, pedagogy, creative writing, and professional writing. Proposals may interpret the CEA theme broadly. (For suggestions, please see the attached Call for Papers.)

The CEA serves the scholar-teacher dedicated to bringing his or her own scholarly and critical perspectives into the classroom for the benefit of students. For more information about CEA, please check our web site <>.

For program scheduling queries, contact Kathrynn Seidler Engberg, CEA 2013 Program Chair, 4815 Cove Creek Drive, Brownsboro, Alabama 35741. E-mail:
<> (please enter “Program Chair” in the subject line).

For information on our online submission page, please see our new web site at <>.

For general conference information, contact Robert V. Hoskins, CEA Executive Director (see address, phone number, & e-mail address below); or Scott Borders, CEA President, Department of English, Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana 46012 phone (765) 641-4423; e-mail <>.

Yours sincerely,

Robert V. Hoskins
Executive Director, CEA
Department of English MSC 1801
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

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