Area chairs announced the winners.

Steve Sherwood for Creative Writing.

ACU’s Erin Daugherty received Honorable Mention.

Beth Battles announced the Literature Awards. There were MANY. American, British, World, Pedagogy, Shakespeare.

And CCTE members contributed to a Graduate Paper in Literature so that next year a graduate student’s work can be specifically recognized.

This year’s Robert Adger Law Award for best Shakespeare paper went to graduate student Sarah Eason of Abilene Christian.

Other winners will be posted when I have everyone’s names.

Rhetoric awards announced.

Popken: Dr. Charles Etheridge, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, “Analogy, Aristotle, Aquinas, and the Rhetoric of Belief in the Middle Ages”

Pedagogy: Olga Pahom, Texas Tech University, “Does Instruction Make a Difference in the Adult Acquisition of English as a Second Language”

Graduate Student Award: Alexa Hernandez, Tarleton State University, “Man Up: The Obsessive Use of Joke in For Whom the Bell Tolls”

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