CCTE Business Meeting

At the CCTE Business Meeting on Friday afternoon of the conference, new members of the Executive Council are elected.

Nominations are presented from the past-past president of CCTE and other nominations may be made by anyone attending the business meeting. Nominations are for CCTE president and for three councilors. At least one of the councilors must be from a two-year college.

CCTE presidential nominees must have presented at least once at CCTE.

CCTE council members must have attended at least one recent CCTE meeting.

President Nominee
The president serves for one year as president-elect, one year as president, one year as past president, and one year as past-past president.

Each of these years the nominee has responsibilities, in addition to attending the Executive Council meeting each fall and the conference each spring of those four years.

Upon retirement, anyone who has completed their term as president of CCTE is given Honorary Membership in CCTE and membership dues are waived for the rest of their lives.

Council Member Nominee
The council members serve for three years. Council members attend an Executive Council meeting in October or early November and the CCTE conference each of these three years.

These council members are responsible for the area committees. Area committees for literature, rhetoric, and creative writing determine what papers will be presented at the conference. They also determine the awards in their areas.

Constitution Changes
If the Executive Council has seen a need for changes to the constitution, these changes will be voted on during the CCTE Business Meeting on Friday afternoon of the conference.

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