Membership Dues Forms

Individual Membership dues may be paid separately (using the form below) or included with conference registration fees (by registering online or using the Conference Registration form).

These forms may be used for the September 2017-August 2018 membership year.

The Individual Membership form will work for either CCTE membership or TCEA membership or for both.MembershipDues2018
(CCTE and/or TCEA)

The Departmental Dues form allows for several members to be enrolled for CCTE at once.
Departmental Dues
(Colleges with a CCTE Departmental Representative may use this form to enroll several members at once. Please send by Oct. 1. This form cannot include TCEA dues.)

The Institutional Membership form allows colleges to choose one-year or four-year memberships for CCTE.
institutional Dues(CCTE only)

Conference presenters must be paid-up Individual Members. If a non-member has a paper accepted, she must submit dues (and register for the conference) by February 1 or be removed from the program.

Forms of payment: For an Individual Membership, you may enclose a personal check with your dues form or pay on Paypal through this site. If your institution pays your dues, please ensure that your business office uses an up-to-date address (the one printed on the form). Otherwise it may send the check to a former CCTE secretary/treasurer.

Are you a longtime CCTE member who is retiring? You may be eligible for Life Membership (if you have 15 or more years of consecutive CCTE membership) or Honorary Membership (if you have served as either President, Executive Secretary,a multi-term Editor of CCTE Studies), or a multi-term Web Master. If you qualify, please contact the Executive Secretary-Treasurer so we can honor you and give you free continuing membership.